My Sewing Room and Me

Hi! My name is Lanita and I just love to sew.

Sewing is just a hobby for me, no professional sewing here. I have three machines. I have a Brother ULT 2001 that I use for my sewing machine, and a Brother Innov-is 4000D that I use for my embroidery machine. Both machines are usable as sewing and embroidery machines, but each has features that I like better for either sewing or embroidering. My third machine is my serger, a Viking Huskylock 1001L. It is an older serger, but it does a great job, so I have seen no need to upgrade.

My sewing table is new, and I am totally enjoying it. I got the cabinets and counter top from Home Depot. My custom made table was a little expensive, but it was still less expensive than the manufactured sewing tables that come in sizes and shapes that you cannot choose.

My machines are protected by Norbit, the sock monster. He keeps the dust bunnies away.


3 thoughts on “My Sewing Room and Me

  1. Hi Lanita,
    I rarely look back and check comments. I don’t often get any so it’s not my habit. I’m glad I saw it and even on the same day you wrote. Thanks for the tip on the book. I will check it out.

  2. Do you know any good suppliers that are here in Europe? I live in the Netherlands. Right now it’s hard enough me picking out a machine lol. Oh and I was talking about the thread and things like that. Thank you. PS maybe you could just move next-door and help me through all this lol

    • I wish I did know someone close to you that you could get supplies through, but I’ve never had any of my European readers mention any company in particular. Perhaps some readers will chime in and leave a few tips to help you out.

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