New Jamies

Pictured here are new jamies for my niece. There is a story behind these new jamies though. My first thought for the fabric was a shirt for me, just a simple t-shirt. I washed the fabric then laid it out to cut. I cut the back out, only to find a huge flaw, a run in the single knit right down the middle of where I was to cut out the front. I turned and folded the fabric every way I could to get the front, but to no avail. I tried to find a matching blue in my stash to creatively piece together with no luck. For a long time, I considered using white, but I do not wear white well. Discouraged, I folded the fabric up and pushed it into the corner. As it sat in the corner, it started to speak to me. My niece has beautiful blue eyes, and looks so pretty in blue, and needs new jamies. It all just worked out. I was able to cut around the flaw and use the already cut pieces and scraps. I have enough fabric left for a t-shirt for her or a smaller baby sleeper for someone else. Too bad her younger cousin is a boy. This is the first time I have made this particular pattern. I have made the smaller size many times, but this pattern was a little different, so I hope it fits well.


4 thoughts on “New Jamies

  1. We should have let you know sooner but we got the jamies and they fit great. Sadly enough they probably wont fit for long. They fit her just right now. They are great and so cute. And I think they could go boy or girl. Very versatile. Thank you very much. We always appreciate every thing you send us.

  2. I was there when the jammies arrived. They are so cute they embroidary work is done so nicely. I really liked the fish added to the shell pattern of the fabric. Very creative.

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