Buttons, Buttons

Guess who’s got Mom’s buttons.

I DO!! I spent this last week visiting my parents. While there, I told Mom my buttons woes. I did not realize that previously as I finished a projects that required buttons, I would check my box first. If no suitable buttons were found, I would check Mom’s box next. If the correct buttons were not located, which rarely happened, I would grin and bear it, and buy buttons. (I am cheap. I hate to pay more for the buttons on a shirt than it cost for the fabric for the shirt.) Now that checking Mom’s box regularly is not an option, I have had to buy buttons more often. Mom was so sympathetic to my woes, that she allowed me to raid her button box. I felt extreme guilty for taking my mom’s buttons, but as you can see guilt did not stop me.

Pictured here is just a sampling of the buttons I took. I had a great time sorting buttons. Many memories were brought back as I found buttons from things Mom had made over the years. Mom has so many fun and unique buttons. I even got to check out my grandmother button box. So, I believe my box is now set to handle most button situations thanks to Mom. Note – take a look at the price tags on some of the card buttons, $0.09, $0.19, $0.15, and even $0.20 from Sprouse Reitz.


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