The newest addition to the family

I would like you to meet LaGwenna. She is my third sock monster. She is different from Norbit and Stretch because she is entirely hand sewn. As mentioned before, socks, once they are cut, tend to run and fray very easily which makes machine sewing difficult. Hand sewing also allows for smaller seam allowance than machine sewing. With her long skinny ears and arms, I was trying to get the largest tube I could. Normally, I would not take the time to hand sew even with the advantages just mentioned, but with the long car ride to see my parents, I had plenty of just sitting time. Luckily, hand sewing in the car did not make me car sick. As with any project, I learned a lot. I have not done much hand sewing so it was good to see what stitches held and what stitches did not. I am also new to the whole stuffing game. I had a real fight getting her tiny arms and ears stuffed. I am still not 100% happy with the job I did. I will need to do some research on stuffing items. Does anyone have any suggestions? All in all, LaGweena was a lot of fun to make, and especially to accessorize.


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