Baby Gifts

I currently have two friends from work having babies, one her first child and the other her second. For baby gifts, I almost always make baby sleepers as seen in a previous blog entry, but for some odd reason this time, I am not sure this is what I want to give. The problem is that I don’t know what would make a better gift. After looking through all my patterns, I am still at a loss. I asked the expecting mother who already has a child what would be a good gift, and she said that she already had everything she needs. She also said that with the first child, she was given so many newborn size clothes that her son could not wear them all, and many outfits he only wore once. So, what do I sew now? So, I made her this little t-shirt for her older son. It was fun to make and simple. It will not be the only thing I make her, but I am still in a quandary. Any suggestions from anyone? I keep telling myself to just get over the block, and get to sewing sleepers. So, that is the plan for now.

One thought on “Baby Gifts

  1. This may come really late in the game, but, I made a shopping cart cover for Sofie. I am a bit little germ phobic and like the idea of covering the seat from the last little germy kid who sat there.

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