Baby Boy Gifts

I have had many great ideas suggested to me for possible baby gifts. I am excited to get creative with many of the ideas that I received. As the conversation continued at work regarding baby gifts, the mother with the second boy on the way said, “Oh, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to embroidery for the baby.'” So, with that in mind, I figured a couple of new sleepers especially made for this new little boy would be good. One suggestion for a baby gift was a shopping cart cover. Great idea. I can embroidery something fun on that. Another suggestion was a baby file box instead of a book. Can’t really embroidery on the box, but can gets really creative with stickers and crafts. I just love it when my mind finally gets rolling with ideas. We all agreed at work that the gifts for the two mothers would be different where one already has a child and for the other it is the first child. So, keep an eye out for baby girl items to be posted soon. Now for the next quandary, is terry cloth too heavy for the baby in the AZ heat? I keep telling myself no because we all live in AC homes. I can always find something to worry about.


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