Unprinted Newspaper – A Pattern Makers Best Friend!

Pictured here is a valuable tool I use often in my sewing.

It is a roll of unprinted newspaper. Growing up my mother always had a roll around the house.

In sewing, it is very handy for tracing a pattern, modifying a pattern or creating your own pattern. I use to use plastic weather sheeting for tracing patterns. The plastic sheeting did work, but had a tendency to slide around.

So, one day I talked my husband into stopping at the local newspaper to see how much a roll would cost. The lady at the front desk gave me this roll. She said at the end of a printing, what was left on the roll is thrown out and a new roll put on for the next printing.

It is taller and bigger than any roll I remember. But I now have enough paper to last for the rest of my life, or at least that is what my husband says.

It lives in the garage though for two reasons. It has a little black resin on the ends of the roll. The resin has never caused me any mess in the house with the pieces I have brought in. And the second reason is, it’s way too heavy and I can’t lift the roll. So, when I am ready to trace or create a pattern, I make a small trip to the garage with my paper scissors and cut off what I need.

By the way, this roll of paper was extremely valuable when we last moved. I used pieces of it to wrap all of the knick-knacks and dishes in the paper before packing them into boxes. Not a single thing was broken when we unpacked!

Because it is unprinted, it did not leave all the black marks and smudges like printed newspaper does when used to wrap things.


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