There’s Fabric in Anaheim CA

We went to Anaheim, Ca for a Halloween concert when I found this most wonderful fabric store, M & L Fabric. It advertised that most of the fabric sold for under $2.00 a yard. Yea, right. But, to my surprise no false advertising had occurred here. Not since the days of the $2 Fabric Store 20 years ago have I seen the likes of a store like this. When you first walk in there is a big bin of $1/yd and $2/yd fabric, nothing special, but as you check out the bolts of fabric you see wonderful pieces of fabric for wonderful prices. Pieces that sell at Wal-Mart for $3.96/yd are $1.98/yd. Yes, not all the fabric was under $2/yd. Silks, velours and denims were more, but some were under $2/yd. Some of the bolted cottons were more, but still very reasonable, $3/yd and $4/yd and some were even 60″ wide. Then, there was the flat fold section, rows and rows of flat fold cottons only $1.68/yd for solid colors and $1.98/yd for prints. And, not to forget the notion wall with most items marked 20% off retail. After wondering in awe for several hours, I mentioned that there were no knits in the store. My husband, who is a real sport about this, asked a clerk, and she said the stretchy material was in the back room. I repeat the back room. So, off to the back room we went with rows and rows for flat fold knits, and sweatshirt fleeces for $1.68/yd for solid colors and $1.98/yd for prints. Much to my husbands surprise, we left with only 9 yards for fabric that day (less than$16), but this fabric store’s location is permanently imprint in my memory cells, to be retrieved at a moment’s notice if we are anywhere near Anaheim, CA.


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