Send It To Aunt Nita

Pictured are two new shirts for the nephews that come with a little story. My sister had taken her grandkids, the nephews, shopping. (The two little nephews are actually my great nephews, but that makes me feel old, so we will just refer to them as the nephews.) On the shopping trip, they stopped by Joann’s where they found this piece of transformer material. The nephews were excited about the transformers, so my sister bought what was left of the bolt. When she asked the nephews what they wanted made from the fabric, the oldest said, “Send it to Aunt Nita. I would like a shirt.” This story just thrills my heart. I am so happy that the nephews like the things I sew for them. Upon receiving the fabric, though, I found out that there was not enough fabric for two shirts. So, I dug through my stash and found the Batman print for the younger nephew. (This was ok with the nephews. The younger nephew is by far a larger Batman fan than transformer fan.) I used the same pattern as before, and learn one obvious thing. Except for the previous entry in this blog about the last shirts, I made no other documentation on the pattern about lengths or sizing. So, during construction, I am scratching my head, trying to remember all the modification made to the last shirts. So, lesson learned. By taking a few seconds to write down some notes on a pattern, a lot of precious time can be saved later.


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