The Dog in the Mouse’s House

While on vacation, we stopped at Wal-mart to pick up a few things and of course, even though I am 2000 plus miles from home, I had to check out the fabric department.

To my excitement, left sitting all alone on the clearance rack was the only piece of Christmas fabric they had left! It was about 3 yards of this years Snoopy Christmas fabric.

At my local Wal-mart, this Snoopy fabric was completely sold out before Thanksgiving,  so I quickly carried the bolt to the cutting table and asked for every inch of it!

The bolt was marked $1.98/yd, but when the associate scanned the tag it rang up at just $0.99/yd! When I found out how inexpensive it was, I was even more excited!

While still on a high from such a find, I talked my husband into stopping at the next Wal-mart we ran into down the road and bought another 3 yards for $0.99/yd!

Woo hoo! Lucky me!

My only reasoning for this occurrence is that when in central Florida, the mouse is king, and no one really cares about poor old Snoopy.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mickey Mouse as well as many of the other Disney characters and movies and I even Disneyland and Disneyworld quite a lot.

But my heart still belongs to the dog, Snoopy.

My husband thinks I am nuts. Of all the souvenirs from Florida that I could have chosen to pack in the limited space in my suitcase, I chose Snoopy fabric.

Yes, that’s me alright! Nuts 4 Peanuts! The Peanuts gang that is! Of course southern boiled peanuts are great too! But I ate all of those before I got on the plane!


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