Meet the Newest Member of the Family

Say Hi to Sprog. He is the newest member of my sock monster family. He is my first attempt to use anklet socks to make a sock monsters. I bought some knee high socks for sock monsters that came paired with matching anklet socks. I don’t wear anklets so I am trying to use them in the sock monster creation. He is not quite done yet. One of his eyes is loose and needs to be sewn on again, and he needs a collar to hide his neck stitches. I learned several things about sock monster sewing in the creating of Sprog. I am not happy with the way his legs and tail turned out. I stuffed his legs and tail first and then sewed them to his body. Next time I will sew the legs to the body and stuff the legs and body at the some time. I think he would stand up if I had sewn his leg this second way. I tried to make him smile by making his upper lip smaller than his lower lip. It did not really work. I have given quite a bit of thought to how to make the monsters smile, but still do not know quite how to stitch the mouth to get a smile. It is not as easy as it look due to the design of the heel piece of the sock. I also did not make the neck darts on Sprog, and I wish I had. It would have shaped his head instead of just being one long piece. Yet, even with these issues, I think he is pretty fun and I am happy to have him in the sock monster family. Coming some day, a distant relative from a foreign county. Stay tune.


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