Purple and White

My husband was in need of a new shirt. This piece of purple fabric was lying on top of the my stash so, it was picked as his next shirt. The problem that I ran into was I had no matching thread. I dug though my box of thread and picked out all the purples I could find. When I showed the spools to my husband, who is my color coordinator, he picked white, bearing in mind that white was not one of his choices. I tried to talk him out of white, but he insisted. So, I started construction of his purple shirt with white thread. The more I sewed the more I liked the white on the purple, and after embroidering the white apple logo and sewing on the clear buttons, I liked the contrast even more. As you can guess, the moral of this blog enter is try an idea even if you just know it will look awful.


One thought on “Purple and White

  1. Funny, I thought that the moral of the blog entry was, “Your husband is always right.” 🙂

    The shirt looks great, by the way.

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