The Tiered Dress

Two or Three tiers? I saw a little girl wearing a cute three tiered knit dress, and decided I wanted to make one. I figured it would not be too hard to modify the t-shirt knit dress pattern that I have made before. It did take a lot of thought, but I finally came up a pattern. Pictured is my end result. In the construction process, I decided to try just two tiers instead of three, but after seeing the finished result, I want to make another dress with three tiers. With just two tiers, the tiers are too long, but it turned out cute anyway. Just to show that I can’t follow good advise, I did not try the ribbon idea on the gathers. I did the gathers the old way with large stitches and pulling the threads. I am going try the ribbon idea on the three tier dress. I believe it will be easier to keep the gathers gathered. I will be able to pin the ribbon in place and hopefully have a little more control of the gathers. I will let you know how it goes. By the way, I was just told last night, that Alec has made another sock monster. Good Job, Alec!


One thought on “The Tiered Dress

  1. When I gather I zig zag over dental floss or quilting thread. I stop half way around and overlap the floss and start again. Works everytime. Using this method I don’t have broken threads when pulling up the gathering.

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