Hats Off

Warmer weather is here. With the arrival of the warmer weather, the neighbor, Mike, put away his stocking caps and pulled out his summer hat, only to find that his summer hat died last year. He brought the hat to me and asked if there was any chance that I could make him a new hat. He said that new hats in the stores were too small, and really needed one the same size as his old one. The challenge of constructing Mike a hat sparked my interest, so I told him I would give it a try. Since mending the hat was out of the question, I tore it apart to use as a pattern. With just three pattern pieces, I made the first hat out of a scrap of denim I had in the closet. It was fun to make and worked up quite fast. I did not put a lot of detail into its construction (I did not line the hat and I surged the brim onto the cap) because I wanted a prototype for Mike to try. After he wore it for a little while, he could tell me if it needed any changes. After a couple of days, Mike said he had no changes for the hat, so I tried another hat. On the second hat, I took the time to look for fabric in my stash (Note: I did not buy any fabric), to embroider on the front and to stitch in the ditch around the brim so that it had a cleaner finish. I still did not line the second hat. The hats were fun and easy to make and I was surprised that they did not require more time to construct. As I sewed the second hat, I had lots of ideas for more hats. So, now, added to my list of projects to do someday is make more hats.


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