Spag Eddy in the OvenHere’s Eddy. 

Spag-Eddy is my latest sock monster creation.  I had a lot of fun sewing him and learn several new things as well.  It was not easy to find solid color socks that I wanted to use for Spag-Eddy.  I finally had to settle on the ones that I used.  The dread locks were fun to make, and I learned a lot. 

I have only worked with cording a very few times before.  I learned first to be extra careful not to catch the cording and second with each lock, I became better at finishing the ends, a more smooth, rounded ends instead of a flatten sewn together end.  I decided on Spag-Eddy to use the plastic eyes instead of buttons because of the black body.  I thought they stood out more.  You may also be wondering why the striped lips.  Same reason, to make them stand out.  I did not realize how much the black would hide.  Next time, I will do the trick the book suggests and replace the heel or lips with a heel piece from a different color sock. In

Spag-Eddy on the stove

my attempt to make these monsters look happier, I gave Spag-Eddy wobbly lips.  I don’t think he looks any happier, but the wobbly lips match his googley eyes.  I made the apron as well.  Spag-Eddy does not have shoulders to hold the apron up, so I had to sew the apron strap quite tight around his neck.   My husband thinks the apron should be shorter so you can see his legs, but I like the longer apron.  I want to get him a small wooden spoon.  I have seen them before, but I guess not at Wal-Mart.  So, I will keep looking. 

I am giving thought to the next sock monster.  I have some fun socks that I picked up it Vegas on our last visit.  The problem is though, even with how much I love to make these monsters and enjoy the creative progress involved with them and how much I learn, I am running out of places to put them.  Can anyone provide a good home for a sock monster? 


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