The Purse


I like fun purses.  Last fall we went to a craft fair when my parents were here visiting.  At one booth, the lady was selling a variety of hand made purses and bags.  The coke print of one particular purse caught my eye, but on closer look, the whole design and make of the purse attracted me even more.I bought the purse.  My mom went right home and made a pattern from it and made herself a purse.  I decided that I wanted to try out the purse before I put too much effort into making one.  At first, I did not like the purse, but after a month the design really grew on me and I decided that I was ready to make one.  I even knew some changes that I wanted to make to the original pattern, like a way to hold the purse by the handles and closures on the purse and its pockets.

On our last trip to Idaho to see my parents, Mom and I cut out and started to sew a purse for me.  This purse definitely tested mysewing skills and patience during construction.  I learned from the experience and know many things I will do differently on the construction of another purse.  On my purse, I made the lining and the outside of the purse separately and then sewed the two pieces together by folding the outside fabric over the lining and stitching.  Next time, I will sew the lining and the outside piece right sides together and turn the purse through the bottom of the lining.  In doing this, I will have to make the lining match the outside piece which will use a little more fabric, but will be much easier than hiding the raw edges on the part that folds over the handles.  

For the strap, I sewed and turned a tube.  Next time I will sew down the middle of the strap folding the edges in.  That will be much easier especially when hand sewing the strap closed.  I added velcro tabs to the large pocket in the lining and the front pocket.  I was also going to put a piece by the handles to close the purse.  The handle holds the purse closed when it is on your shoulder, but when you set it down, the purse can easily open and spill.  I decided not add this piece of velcro to my new purse yet to see how well it will do without it.  If it turns out that it has the same problem as theoriginal I will add it later. Because I wanted to embroidery on the front pocket, Mom and I left the side seam open to put the pocket on.  By doing this, more hand sewing had to be done.  I am not the best hand sewer, so hopefully it will hold up over time.

All in all, the purse turned out pretty nice and I am excited to use it.  I am also excited to make another one and try my changes to the pattern.  I am not one to change my purse very often so, like sock monsters, I don’t know what I am going to do with yet another purse.  


P.S. Dad made the handles.  Thanks Dad.  They work great.  



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