Forgive Me Dear Reader


Diane, you were right.  With a little more than a month completed, I have faltered on my goal.  I bought fabric.  But, I would like to justify my purchase to you now.  I got a couple of extra days off work in a row, so we went on a mini vacation to Disneyland.  We had a great time.  While there though, I stopped at M & L Fabrics.  I love this store.  I was not going to buy anything of course, but there was just so much and at such good prices that I filled a cart.  I bought 60″ wide fabric for shirts for my husband.  60″ wide fabric is hard to come by, so when he liked the print, I bought.  I bought several Coca-Cola prints that I have seen at other fabric store but would not pay their prices.  At M & L Fabrics I could not pass up the great price.  I also bought some coordinating  fabrics to make a large variety of fun things.  I also bought some thread. Five spools for a dollar, of course I did.  While I was shopping,  my husband snapped some pictures from inside the store, so that you could see what I was up against.  Yes, I know, I could have not even entered the door, but what is the fun in that.  I was on vacation.  So, dear reader, my excuses for falling off the wagon are good selection, good prices and being a great fabric store.  I will try to do better from now on. (By the way, it is not my fault.   My husband was driving. He took me there. Of course, I asked him too, but still….)  



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