The Replacement


Buzz is back.  Many years ago, I made Shawn, my husband, a blue and green striped shirt with Buzz Lightyear embroidered on the front.  This shirt was constructed just after the release of Toy Story 1.  I did not have enough of the striped fabric for the whole shirt, so had to piece it together with some solid blue fabric. At the time I made it there were no commercial designs of the Toy Story characters so Shawn hand digitized the Buzz Lightyear.  This crazy shirt turned out to be Shawn’s very most favorite shirt.  He wore it all the time. He even wore it on our vacation to France.  Everybody who saw Buzz commented on the shirt and Buzz. 

Unfortunately, the Buzz shirt finally died.  It started with the collar.  I mended it many times, but I finally had no fabric left to mend.

Buzz’s buttons were removed and the shirt was discarded.  On our last trip to Idaho, Mom let me rummage through her stash and I found another piece of green and blue striped fabric.  Mom let me have the piece, and from that piece of fabric, a replacement for the Buzz shirt was made.  It is not quite the same.  The new striped fabric is thinner and has more stretch.  There was a lot of the fabric, although flawed, so no needed for piecing.  This time the embroidery design I used is commercially made.  It is from the Brother Toy Story 2 pack.  I am just hoping that even with the differences, that Shawn will like the shirt as well as the first Buzz shirt.  We will see.



4 thoughts on “The Replacement

  1. I think he likes it ok, he stands at the washer and dryer and watches it until he can put it back on again!

  2. LOL! That’s funny. Have you thought of making him one for every day of the week?
    Maybe Mom has more of that fabric in her stash. 🙂

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