Patience 3.0

Ever have one of those days?  Me too.  I shouldn’t have even turned the sewing machine on.  I decided to make my new nephew, Tyson, a sleeper from the scraps of the Buzz shirt.  I knew that the fabric was flawed but I figured I could work around it.  Well, the fabric turned out to have more flaws than I realized causing much more effort and time to cut around them.  

Then I started to sew.  I thought I had cut carefully, but my stripes decided not to match.  My guess is that the non matching stripes have more to do with the stretch of the fabric than the cutting.  Also due to the stretch, my machine was having a hard time starting seams.  So, sewing the seams together took more time and care to get the seam started.  Next the zipper decided to give me trouble.  I murmured at it a lot, but this did not help it go in any easier.  I should have given up at this point, but I was determined not to let this sleeper get the better of me, so I did the embroidery.  

The design looked cute and simple, but no.  Tigger’s face stitched in the same color as his stripes, for which I did not pick a dark enough color, trying to make it softer for the baby.  When it was done stitching, Tigger looked like he had a blank face.  I selected a darker brown and re-stitched the stripes and face.  But as the designed finished the turtle, it became apparent that I should have picked an even darker brown, but I did not dare stitch a third layer of stitches on the design.  Before embroidering the design, I was going to unpick the zipper one more time and try again, but after the embroidery mess, I decided nothing could improve this poor little sleeper.  

With defeat in my heart, I sewed the side seams, feet and cuffs.  To my surprise, they went well, no real problems like before.  See, I tell myself, once I let go, it all fell into place.  So, with a sigh, I decided that the lesson learned is a sewing standard, patience.  

P.S. I titled this entry 3.0 because it is not the first or last time I will be taught the sewing lesson of patience.  



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