Matching Stripes

“The stripes should match” or at least that is what I have always been told. The stripes on the last two sleepers I made did not match, so I am in the process of altering the sleeper pattern so that they match up better.  I have made many sleepers from this pattern before, but in thinking back, I have not made that many striped ones until very recently. On some of the previous striped sleepers I’ve made, the stripes have been small so there was only a small amount of adjusting needed in the sewing to get the stripes to match. On the last two sleepers for my nephew Tyson the stripes were much larger so there was no easy way to match them up. I have lots of striped fabric to make into sleepers, so I really want the pattern to let me match the stripes up.

This task sounds easy, but alas it is not.  So far, I have put many hours and a lot of thought into the lining up of stripes on this sleeper pattern and I have developed a great respect for pattern makers.  I believe I finally have a working pattern.  Now  I need to find some striped fabric in my stash, which will not be difficult,  and cut a sleeper out using my new pattern. In matching the stripes I had to make the sleeves wider and raise the front of the neck about 1/4 inch.  I hope that these changes will not alter the fit of the sleeper too much.  The original pattern seems to fit fine.  While I was altering the pattern I figured I might as well adjust the feet a little too.  It always seems while I am sewing the foot pads on that the feet don’t match.  I hope that in making these changes I have not strayed too far from the fit of my original pattern.

To alleviate some of my stress on the new fit of the sleeper, I called my sister who has made many sleepers from this same pattern and has actually seen her kids and grandkids wear the sleepers.  She suggested that when using a striped fabric to run the stripes up and down instead of around.  I disagreed due to the stretch but she said that the babies tend to grow in length, not width so actually need the stretch in the length. She saw that with the extra stretch in the length, the baby did not out grow that sleeper quite as fast.  I thought she made a good point.  She also said that the neck fits well on the original pattern, so I should cut the neck down in the front or put a tab over the zipper pull.  This got me thinking that I will make both changes to the pattern. That way the zipper is in the same starting spot and the pull of the zipper will not irritate the baby’s neck.  Thanks for the help big sister.  So I think I am ready to start cutting out a sleeper using my new pattern with the changes.


2 thoughts on “Matching Stripes

  1. I hope it all works out perfectly this time. Such hard work deserves reward. 🙂
    What is the old pattern made of? Looks like poly of some sort from here.

  2. The old pattern is vinyl weather sheeting. It works great for tracing patterns. You can see through it and trace with just a black marker. I stopping using the plastic because it likes to slide around more when you’re cutting even with weights especially if you working with a rayon or silky piece of fabric. I still have many patterns traced on the plastic and use them all the time and being able to see through the plastic does make it nice to match fabric designs while cutting, although the unprinted newspaper is not all the difficult to see through either.

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