Helping out a Friend

I don’t sew for hire. I don’t feel that I am a good enough seamstress to do that, but I don’t mind helping out if I can. A friend from work asked if I could help her make a valance for her shower. She is redecorating and wanted just a simple valance to hide the top of her shower doors. She could not find a valance that she wanted to buy, so she bought a regular shower curtain to make a valance out of.

The project was fun to construct and did not really take much time to put together. It did take some thought though. The first step was to decided the size.  We decided to double the length to get lots of ruffles, but this limited the width due to the decrease in butterflies from the bottom to the top of the curtain. Since the purpose for this valance is to cover the top of the doors, we decided to line the valance because the fabric was not very heavy and could be seen through.

So, with two 18 inch pieces for the front, and two 14 inch pieces for the lining, construction started. First, the two front and the two lining pieces were sewn together into two long strips, then sewn to each other. Next came the hardest part about making a curtain, the ironing. The newly constructed tube was ironed to be 16 inches wide, 1 inch over the top and 1 inch over the bottom to meet the lining. Hemming the sides came next, followed by two seams, 2 and 4 & 1/2 inches from the top to make the casing for the rod.  With the sewing done, the valance was slipped onto the rod to complete the project.

I have not seen the finished valance hanging, but my friend said it looked great.

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