New Shirts for Me

I need new shirts. My days off provided me with the time to resolve this problem, and here is the results.

I started by digging through my stash. I found the blue fabric first.  When I bought the blue piece of fabric, I knew that I wanted a shirt out of it and exactly what design I wanted embroidered on it. I wanted to make more than one shirt, so I continued digging through my stash until I found this brown piece that Mom had given me a couple of years ago.  I cut the two shirts out and started to sew.  In the sewing process, the blue shirt went astray. Nothing in particular went wrong. I just didn’t like the way it sewed up or how the embroidery design looked. On the other hand, the brown shirt sewed up great.  I was not going to embroider on the brown shirt. I thought it was busy enough. My husband thought I should so he picked out a design to put on it, and I really like the way it turned out.  Ironically, the blue shirt that I was so excited to make and just knew I would love, is now the “ok” shirt, and the “ok” brown shirt is the one that I think I will enjoy wearing.  I have not worn either yet, so we will see.  

One note about the blue fabric, I was going to make the blue shirt with a collar, but after washing the fabric, I did not have enough fabric to make one. I was shocked by how much the fabric shrank. I could have cut out the facings separate, but I did not want to due to the rayon in the fabric and not being able to iron a crisp seam.  I have learned the shrinking lesson the hard way over the years.

Always, ALWAYS prewash the fabric! In fact, I have learned this lesson so well that I am almost fanatical about pre-washing. I wash my fabric in hot water, of course fabric depending, and dry it completely in a hot dryer.  Yes, I do have to do some ironing before cutting, but it is well worth it in the long run.  Nothing is worse than to spend the time making a garment, wearing it once, washing it and never wearing it again due to shrinkage.  There is my soap box rant for the day.

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