Matching Stripes – Follow up

They match. I have completed a sleeper with my revised pattern and it looks like the stripes are matching without altering the fit of the sleeper too much. I did need to modify my pattern a little and I learned a few tricks for matching the stripes. Stripes have to be treated with respect, or at least that is what my husband the former Marine says.

While cutting, I matched all the pieces so that there was a green stripe at the arm pit point on the sleeves, front and back. I also had to cut two crotch pieces before I got it right. I usually do not worry too much about the grain line when sewing a knit, but the crotch pieces had to be cut at a specific angle to match the stripes of the other leg.

After cutting out the pattern, I placed the two fronts together to even up the stripes around the neck, but after sewing the collar on the stripes were uneven again. This is due to the fact that I can not sew straight. No one can, that is just how it is. At this time, I debated about sewing the zipper in unevenly, one side of the sleeper being 1/4 inch higher than the other. I did not like this option at all, so decided that maybe the stripes would just not match across the zipper. I found that as I sewed the zipper in, I could stretch a little after I got it started and match the stripes. So, the first stripe may not be quite matched, but the matching got better from there.

I mailed the sleeper to my newest nephew and his grandma said it fits fine but is a little bigger than the old pattern.  I did make the sleeves longer and the legs a little longer because that is what the babies seem to out grow on the sleepers.

Grandma and mom said that the neck and the arm pits fit good and that was the part I was worried about the most.  

I am so excited now to get out more striped fabric and make many more sleepers now with matching stripes.  I just found out recently that a new niece or nephew is on the way.  He/She will be here in December so I had better get busy.

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