More Blanks to Embroider on!

We have this fun little store in town that sells clothes for $5.99 and less. I enjoy shopping at this store, not because I will ever find anything that fits me, but because I can get some wonderful deals on blanks. The last time I stopped in, they had kids levi denim jackets on clearance for $3.00. How could I pass that up. I bought one in of all the sizes they had and two of some of the sizes. I certainly could not buy the fabric or snaps for that little money, not to mention the time involved in sewing a denim jacket together.

Like all sewing items, the jackets have been hanging the closet waiting for me to get busy working on them, but I knew that the size 7, the largest size of the jackets, was not going to fit the eldest nephew for much longer, so it was time for action. I called that nephews and asked them what they wanted on their jackets. I already knew that the answer for the 4 year old nephew would be Batman. But the soon to be 7 year old nephew couldn’t decide. At first he wanted a Star War’s stormtrooper, but then he picked Snoopy as the flying ace. Hopefully, he was not just trying to make the aunt happy knowing how much I love all things Snoopy.

With the husband’s help, I increased the size of the two designs to 5″ by 7″ and started to stitch. Blanks can be difficult to hoop sometimes. I had to use sticky paper to hoop the jackets. I love to use sticky paper, but I have learned that with a larger design it is not always the best choice. So, in the sewing process there was a little curling, but it did not affect the designs too much.  On the Batman jacket, I ran out of bobbin thread. When I put the new bobbin in, I did not get it back in right. As the machine started to sew again, it made a big thread mess and pulled the stepper off. I about cried, but with lots of patience and luck, I was able to realign the design and finish the pattern. Good thing too, that was the only size 5 jacket I had. I learned a lot about fixing an embroidery alignment problem, but most of all I learned to take an extra minute to make sure the bobbin is in right!

I am pleased with how the jackets turned out. Hopefully the boys will like the jackets too! Now that I have a couple of empty hangers in the closet, I guess I will go shopping for more blanks. (Grumble-grumble says the husband.)


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