New Jammies for Me!

This time the new pajamas I made are for me. Well, not really pajamas, this is more  of a “lounge around the house” outfit.  We are going on a trip with some friend in a few months and will be staying at their condo in England.  I wanted something to wear around the condo in the mornings. At home I wear my bathrobe around the house, but I needed some thing smaller and lighter and more presentable in public to fit in my suitcase. 

I remembered this piece of fabric in my stash. I purchased it from Walmart’s $1.00 section because I liked the colors and cloud pattern. At the time of purchase I just got 1 yard, but I liked the fabric enough that I went back and got 4 more yards and I’m glad I did.  I wanted this outfit big and baggy so I added 1 inch to everything. Pictured is the shirt, but I also made matching pants. After cutting out the pants and top, I looked at the scraps and decided I had enough left over to make a pair of matching shorts too. If we visit a warmer climate, I will be happy to have the shorts rather than the long pants. So, 5 yards used from the stash. Looking at the completed outfit, I decided to embroider Snoopy as the Flying Ace, looking for the Red Baron in the clouds, and I think it turned out great.

As with all sewing projects, something just had to go wrong. When I started to cut out the outfit, I checked very closely for a pattern in the fabrics design to know which way to cut. I did not see one. I had cut out the pants and half the shirt when I realized I was cutting against the lay of the fabric. My mom calls it “cutting against the kitty’s fur”.  So with some of the outfit you have to rub up for a nice smooth feel of the fabric and some you have to rub down, but I don’t think that will alter the wear of the outfit and it did not affect the sewing or the fit.

I’m just hoping I will not look like a giant blueberry or a giant cloud in the outfit.


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