That Was A Long Time Ago

Look at what I found. I was digging through my stash looking for a piece of white flannel when I came across this tag attached to a piece of fabric. I purchased this piece of fabric many years ago when I worked at the $2 fabric store in Midvale, Utah to help put myself through school. The fabric was $0.99 a yard, there was one yard and the little circle at the bottom meant it had some kind of flaw. At the store, the flat fold pieces hung from pant hangers on round clothing racks. You had to purchase the whole piece.

The tag made me smile and brought back many memories. I got the job when I was an extreme beginner at sewing. When a customer would ask me a question, I would reply that I did not know because I did not sew. The ladies that I worked with at the store were great and gave me great advise to improve my sewing skills. Some of the tips they gave me I still use in my sewing today. As I continued my schooling and started my externships for my profession, my hours at the fabric store decreased until soon there were none.  I missed the job and especially the employee’s discount. Maybe after I retire, I will return to the fabric store for a job again.


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