The Skip-Stitch Blades

The Skip-Stitch Blades

(Updated: June 13th, 2105)

I have finally found a solution to the crochet hole poking problem on the fleece blankets I have been working on.

I have found and purchased a a new tool called a Rotary Tool Skip-Stitch Blade.

As you may remember, I was having trouble poking holes with a little pair of scissors in polar fleece to crochet around the edge for a blanket.

The Skip-Stitch Blade is a rotary cutting blade with notches cut into it so that a little slit or hole is cut at regular intervals rather than a solid cut. There are 3 different blades with different size notches depending on the size of your hook and yarn.

Check out their web site if you want more information on them.

Amazon and Joann’s now carry them too.

I have ordered several sets for myself and my Mom.

As with any new sewing tool, you have to learn how to use it properly. 

There are instructions on their web site and it would seem very straight forward, but there is always a technique to master. 

The first thing I learned is to pin where you start and end as you measure and cut. I figured I could see where I stopped and started but as I started to crochet there are some spots where I have cut extra little slits that I didn’t want! Oops! Luckily, that is not very often.

I also learned that the rounded corner can be a little challenging. I tried to use a plate as a guild for cutting but my plates are too thick for the blade. So I ended up just eyeing it, and I think I did a pretty good job.

On the next try, I will leave the corners square and try that. In the instructions, it said to cut at 3/4″, away from the edge of the blanket, but I tried 1/2″ instead because that was closer to the measurement of the ones I have previous done.

So I will see if that was the correct measurement or not.

Stay tuned for the results.


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