Sleeper Frenzy


With the announcement of more babies on the way, came the opportunity to make more sleepers. I started by digging though my stash and finding this blue terry. The sewing went smoothly and I like the end results of working with terry cloth, but it is sure messy. I had to keep the vacuum by my sewing machine. After sewing a little, I would vacuum the machines, the floor and me, but the little thread are here to stay. I have picked a ton of  little loops of thread off other pieces of fabric in the room. I have not resorted to getting out the lint brush yet, but I keep dabbing things with pieces of scotch tape. I was able to minimize the spread to the sewing room though, hooray. I did not pick the color of the zipper or ribbing until after the embroidery was done. This made the creative process more exciting as the sleepers came together.





The Bronco sleeper is for my newest little nephew who will be here in December. His dad is a huge Bronco fan. I made the sleeper with the white pieces so I had somewhere to embroidery the stallion. As I sewed the sleeper together, I thought to myself that this is my least favorite sleeper I have ever made. Yet, as the embroidery design stitched on the sleeper, together with the help of the zipper and the little feeties, the sleeper took on its own cuteness and I like it much better now. I hope that the new nephew’s dad likes it too.






The red and white Christmas sleeper is for the new nephew too. I have been holding this fabric and embroidery design for many years waiting for a Christmas baby. I debated greatly about the size of this sleeper. Should I make the sleeper 1 inch bigger so he can wear it on his 1 year old Christmas or smaller for his first Christmas?  The latter won and the sleeper is 1 inch shorter than the pattern so it will fit this year. I hope his parent’s like is as well.







I am still quite happy with my revised stripe sleeper pattern. The stripes seem to be matching up. If I altered any part, it would be the width of the arm at the shoulder. I will have to give this some thought though for fear of messing up the stripes again.


4 thoughts on “Sleeper Frenzy

  1. Where do you get the pattern for this sleeper? I would love to make this sleeper for my baby. Please email me at bckelsch9 at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!

    • I wish I knew the origins of my sleeper pattern. It is very old, passed down from mom to daughter over the years. It is now just a copy of a copy of a copy. Over the years I have tried to find a similar pattern and have found that Kwik-Sew makes a couple of patterns that are very similar to mine. Check out pattern # 2919.

  2. You are so, so talented. Where do you buy your embroidery designs from, and do you use iron on stabilizer when embroidering? I love embroidering, sewing baby and kids’ clothes for gifts plus making quilts. Too many projects and so little time.

    • Thanks for your comment. I purchase my embroidery designs from local sewing shops and sometimes online if I can’t find something locally. If it is a unique and special design that I need I just digitize it myself. I agree on the too much to sew and craft and far too little spare time!

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