Crocheting Results

Or a better title – Why does my little boy’s blanket have a ruffled edge? Boy, have I learned a lot about crocheting. I decided that the best way to learn was to just do it and here are the results.

img_3522As you may remember from previous entries, after finishing the Star Wars blanket with Mom’s help, I started an edge on a baseball print blanket. I had picked up the fleece in the remnant bin at Wal-mart for cheap. By cutting it it half I have two orange baseball print blankets to work on. On the first blanket, as pictured in the previous blog, I single crocheted twice in each hole, just as Mom had me do on the first blanket, for the first row and then chain 3, skip a stitch for the second row. It did not quite turn out like the Star Wars blanket. The yarn that I picked for the baseball blankets is heavier that the black yarn of the Star Wars blanket. So, my results are ruffled. My loving husband says he likes it, but I don’t know yet.

On the second baseball blanket, I only crocheted one singleimg_3523 crochet per hole for the first row. (I used the skip-stitch blade on this one and loved it. See my last blog post on crocheting for details.) But that was not working out either. Now the blanket was curling especially at the corners. So, enough of just “doing it”. I turned to the experts on other blogs as well as Mom and my sister and learned many helpful hints and new edges to try. The second row on the second baseball blanket is a scalloped edge of 3 double crochets in the the first stitch and then a slip stitch in the next. I like the result much better and it seems to be helping the curling.

Blanket number 3 is a combination so far of all the things I have learned. The fleece is once again a remnant from the bin at Wal-mart.

While cutting the slits with the skip-stitch blade. I was careful to pin img_3528stopping and starting points to avoid double cutting. I also cut at 3/4 inch as the instruction for the blade stated.

To try something new, I followed the suggestion on the web site for the blades to make a squared corner.

In starting the crocheting, I am following another idea that I picked up from a blog to single crochet once in each hole with a chain stitch in between to keep the blanket from ruffling or curling. I am folding the edge over on the back to hide the raw edge.

I don’t know how this will work out but we will see. Previously, I just let it fold as it wanted. My sister said she does not let it fold at all.

I have not decided what I want to do for the second row or even maybe a third row this time. It remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for more!


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