The Work Shirts

Well, they started out to be work shirts. My husband needed new shirts with his company logo embroidered on the front. I went to the stash and found many pieces of fabric I had previously purchased to make him shirts. I then let him pick out which pieces he wanted for work shirts. He really did not like the green fabric, but thought it would be ok for a work shirt, and the blue piece was just blue. I cut both shirts out at the same time. Sewing went pretty smoothly, just the usual fight with the collar and tab. Although, each time I make one of his shirts, even that seem to go a little bit smoother. I have his shirt pattern down pretty well.  But, when it came time for the embroidery, he changed his mind. He decided that he no longer wanted these shirts for just work shirts.




The Coke design was digitized a while back, just waiting for the right shirt to come along to be embroidered on. In my opinion the green shirt was just the right shirt. I like the design on the shirt and the brass buttons add to the design. It reminds me of an old time gas station attendant’s uniform. Even though my husband was not that fond of the green fabric, I think this will be one of his favorite shirts (after Buzz of course). 

I embroidered a design from a Smart Needle pack on the blue shirt. I found the Smart Needle website one day while playing on the internet. I just love their designs. They are so clever and unique. The gallery of pictures has so many fun ideas that I can’t wait to get creating projects to embroider designs on. Smart Needle’s designs are also priced right. Plus their designs come in both 4X4 and 5×7 sizes. I am saving my money so I can purchase some more designs from them. I put the 5X7 shark on the blue shirt. The shark makes me smile whenever I see it. 

So, now I guess my next project will be to go through the stash again and look for more fabric for work shirts.

P.S. The spot in the pictures was on my camera lens,  not the shirts.


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