Storing Technology

As technology  advances, the size of it gets smaller. Now, bear in mind that I am not 100% sure I know what I am talking about, but my husband is converting his computer tools that he has on CD’s and DVD’s to USB flash drives.  I call them “sticks”. He says that it will be great because he will no longer need to carry his big stack of discs in his tool case and instead just use these small sticks. But, now how to carry these 1 1/4″ by 1/2″ sticks without loosing them? This is where I come in. It was my mission to design and create a wallet to hold the sticks. 

I knew I was not going to create the finished project on the first try, so I dug out some scraps and went to work. I sewed the pockets and velcro to the lining, then with right sides together, I sewed the lining to the top. I then turned the wallet and pressed and finished the edge. On this first try of the wallet, I made the little pockets large enough for the stick and the little cord tie to the top of stick and put plenty of space between the pockets to make it easier to get the stick out. I also made it large enough to be found in the tool case. 

Happy with my first attempt, I presented it to the husband, who started to make changes. First, it had to be much smaller. He wanted to be able to put it in his pocket. Next, he wanted to remove the little cords from the top of the sticks, so wanted the pockets to be smaller, only big enough to hold the sticks. Finally, no extra spaces in between the pockets, the fabric could easily be folded to get the sticks out. And, did it need that big of a piece of velcro? But, he did like the orange and white scraps. 

So, back at the cutting table, I reduced the size of everything, including cutting the velcro length wise in half. When I sewed the second wallet together, I tried to leave no edges and sewed very close to the velcro and pockets. I did not even have to show this wallet to the husband because I knew what needed to be changed. The wallet needed an edge so there was a place to finish the edge after turning.
Cutting the velcro in half was the wrong idea too as there was not enough loops for it to stick together. If you close the wallet very precisely, the velcro will hold. But, the orange and white scraps were still ok.

With that, wallet #3 was created. I am far more pleased with the end results, even the orange and white colors, and it seems to be doing its job. These wallets were actually quick to make and I had a fun time designing and creating them. I am now ready to make more as technology demands. 






P.S. These new usb memory sticks can even survive in the washing machine. Trust me, I tried it myself. 


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