Snoopy Designs

img_35611A couple of months ago, Dakota Collectibles released another new pack of Snoopy embroidery designs. Of course, I had to have it to add to my collection.

The pack has designs of Snoopy and Woodstock in both 4X4 and 5X7 inch sizes. If you are a reader of my blog, you have seen a couple of the designs that I have stitched out, one on my blue shirt and one on my nephew’s jacket.

Shortly after the release of the first pack, a second pack was released with designs of the whole Peanuts gang and, of course, I had to have it too.  But now Dakota has done it to me again and released a third Peanuts embroidery pack and this time with Peanuts holiday designs as the theme for it.

And yes as I am sure you have guessed already, I now own it too. I just love every one of the designs in all three of the packs. My husband hopes Dakota’s licensing from UFS will end soon.


I have a million ideas for the designs, but I img_3557have been so anxious to stitch them all out that I couldn’t possibly wait to get something made.

So, I pulled some purchased sweatshirts from my stash and tried out a couple of the designs from the second pack. The designs stitch smoothly and have such great detail. Both of the designs I tried are 5X7 inches in size. I think they turned out great. I can’t wait to stitch more Peanuts and Snoopy designs.


One day at work a coworker was admiring my img_3560blue shirt from the side, telling me how pretty the fabric and blouse looked.

When I turned and she saw that Snoopy on the front, her voiced dropped and she said, “Oh, and you put a Snoopy on the front”.

And she said it with such disappointment in her voice…

But, I don’t really care too much about her disappointment. I will continue to be a devoted Snoopy fan forever. And I will continue to stitch Snoopy designs on everything that I possibly can and especially on times for me, until I just can’t stitch any more.

P.S. I think for Christmas this year I will make my coworker something with a nice big Snoopy design embroidered on it just to get her riled up. I think she would like that!

8 thoughts on “Snoopy Designs

  1. hi, i’m looking for a small, sew-on snoopy patch about 1″ high and was wondering if you knew where to find one? my boyfriend is obcessed with peanuts and i want to make him a snoopy tie. i’ve scoured ebay and the interent and can’t find one smaller than 2″.


    • I have some from many, MANY years ago back when I was younger and they still made such stuff. These days the only patches I have seen with Snoopy on them were at Joann’s Fabric Stores. But they were much larger than that.

      You can call the Snoopy gift store in Santa Rosa, CA here and ask if they have them or have seen such a thing or just keep looking on ebay. I have seen them there from time to time.

  2. I am trying to find the Peanuts Holiday collection on the internet for sale and I can’t find it. I know you must of purchased it a while back but was wondering where so I can give it a try. I have a friend that is a really peanuts gang fan and wanted to stitch 2 of the christmas designs for her.

    • I see them on sale at amazon and ebay occasionally. You might also try to find one at any local Viking or Dakota dealers in your area that might have some old unsold stock available on them. It was part number LS0603 if that helps at all.

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    • I’ve had a lot of people ask that question over the years as you can see by the comments on the posts so when I see them for sale now I pick them up so I have extra’s on hand to sell to people when they ask. They are quite expensive. About $95 each shipped in the US. Husqvarna Sewing Centers sold them for $89 each plus tax many, many years ago when they were still available for sale from Viking Dealers so my price isn’t much different than they were originally available for. Let me know if you are interested.

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