Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog is my latest crocheting adventure. I have truly enjoyed crocheting around blankets, but one day while surfing the web, I ran across Amigurumi.

My first thought was “How cute these stuffed animals are!”, but the skill to crochet them is probably way beyond my skill level. So I did some more surfing and ran across a book called Amigurumi World. After seeing the cute animals in this book, I decided to purchase it and after reading the introduction and a few of the patterns, I picked the daddy dog to try first. I was amazed with myself how easily I picked up reading and following the pattern. I have never crocheted something from a pattern. I have to give the author some credit for my ease in following the pattern. She wrote the patterns well enough that even I could figure it out. 







I learned a lot about crocheting from the construction of yellow dog. I learned the abbreviations for a crochet pattern, and about increasing and decreasing stitches. I also learned the importance of row markers, and keeping your count, as well as an even tension. For my first try at this, I was pleased with the way yellow dog turned out, although I have not figured out yet how he got his pointy head. Crocheting his small arms and legs did not bother my ct, but sewing his parts together sure did, so it took some time to put him altogether. All together I enjoyed crocheting yellow dog. Next I am going to try the monkey pattern from the book.


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