Beating The Slump


JUST DO IT! This is what I finally told myself to end the sewing slump. I had several embroidery designs that I had wanted to try and this was a great chance to do it. So, I picked up the left over scraps from my husbands last shirt and started to cut. I started with a size 3 t-shirt. After cutting it out, I had enough scraps for a size 4 t-shirt. Once that was cut out, I pulled out my size 1 t-shirt pattern and cut one out in that size too. I figured by now I must be out of scraps, but I came up with enough fabric to cut out a size 2 t-shirt as well. Before sewing a single seam, I started to embroidery. 


As I embroidered, a feeling of relief came over me as my mind started to think of other projects I could not wait to do. I started to lay out which project would be next and what would follow after that. I had a great timeimg_3620 embroidering the 4 shirts and even tried an applique on two of them, something I had never done before.  I learned a lot about embroidering appliques and my technique and results improved greatly on the second try. I learned that one trick to appliqueing is a sharp pair of scissors that will cut very close to that first seam, and because I was working with a fuzzy fabric, to trim some of the fuzz where the satin stitch will stitch and remove any extra fuzzes. 


The 4 little shirts are turning out so cute as you can see in the photos, I still have some finishing work to do on one of them, but I am excited to be back to sewing. Now the question is “What am I going to do with 4 t-shirts, in 4 different sizes, out of the same fabric?”.


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