Crocheted Blankets

I have completed 2 more baby blankets. I used the same edge for each one but with very different results.

I pictured the first blanket in a previous blog entry with just the foundation row started. img_0617Now that it is done, I am pleased with the end result. As stated before, I cut the edge with the skip stitch blade at 3/4 inch and folded the raw edge over.

Upon completing the blanket, I did not like this fold, but as I learned later I do like the fold (explanation later). Also as already stated, I put an extra chain stitch between the stitches into the fleece and that worked well at stopping some of the curling. For the second row, I chained 3, skipped 2 stitches, then single crocheted.

According to the pattern, I should have only skipped 1 stitch, but with the  regular weight yarn, I decided to skip two. I am glad that I did this. (explanation later). The third row is 5 double crochets in 1 chain then single crochet in the next. I like the resulting scalloped edge.

img_0619On the second blanket, the yellow edge, I decided to change all the things I thought I did not like on the first blanket. To start, I use the skip stitch blade at 1/2 inch so there would be no fold. I wanted to try a softer baby yarn so I used a size smaller hook.

Because of the lighter weight yarn on the foundation row, I put 2 chain stitch between the stitch into the fleece, and pulled the yarn to the top of the fleece. So far so good. For the second row, I followed the pattern, chained 3, skipped 1 stitch, then single crocheted in the next. This made for very loopy chains, unlike on the first blanket when I skipped 2 stitches.

I thought about ending the blanket with just the loopy chain stitches as the finish, but I decided to go ahead with the 3rd row. I did the same 3rd row as before, but this time because to the loopy chains, when stitching the single crochet in the chain, the chain pulled losing the scalloped edge. I had to pull the single crochet very tight to get any scalloped edge. Half way through the 3rd row, I was wishing I had just slip stitched in between the double crochets. Now that the blanket is done, I see that the fold would have added weight to the edge of blanket to hold the yarn up. The results of this blanket are not my favorite but I still like it.

So the question I have to ask myself is why did my first try come out better then my second try. Oh well, as always, it is a learning process.

So, with all this new knowledge I have gained, the skip blade is out and and I ready to start another blanket or two.


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