Another Use for Old Socks


img_0648We just got back from a wonderful trip to Florida and Disney World. While packing the cameras, GPS, and other electronic devices in the carry on bag, my husband was concerned about how beat up they got on their last trip. I told him I would make him some pouches to hold these items, but he had a much better idea. He suggested that we use old socks. I save mismatched socks to use as sock monster parts so I have plenty in the sewing closet. I pulled out a few anklets, cut them off at the heel, and serged across the bottom to form a little pouch. The socks worked great. They protected the devices from scratching each other, and because of the stretch in the sock, they fit snugly around the devices, not letting them slip out.  The socks also worked well at keeping the cameras clean especially at the beach where the sand always gets into EVERYTHING. The socks were also thin enough to leave on while carrying the devices around in your pocket. This was nice for added protection, especially on the park rides. All in all, a great idea.


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