Mickey Mouse? NO! DONALD DUCK!


This is the new shirt I made for my vacation to Florida. My current Mickey Mouse shirt is wore out, so I decided to make a new one before we left. As I looked through my fabric, I decided that I would prefer a Donald Duck shirt  this time instead of Mickey. I purposely designed the shirt with the two colors. What I did not realize was just how thin the yellow fabric really was until I got around to sewing it together. At that time I was wishing I had used a different piece for the yellow, but now that I have worn the shirt, the yellow fabric is fine. 


One of the challenges of making this shirt wasp1020183_2 deciding what color of thread to use. I thought about sewing the yellow parts with yellow thread and the blue parts with blue thread or sew all yellow thread or all blue thread. I finally decided on all blue thread and white serger thread. I did not really like the blue fabric serged in white thread, but I figured that since the yellow fabric is on the thinner side, that serging in any other color would show through. I figured that would look worse then the white thread on the blue fabric. The blue thread that I used was a cheap spool I had in the closet that matched. I have since thrown away the rest of the spool.  The cheap thread was hard to work with and never seem to cut clean. It seemed to fray rather than cut.  My last challenge constructing this shirt was finding buttons. I finally settled on the blue ones because nothing I had seemed to match well. Of course, my selection of buttons is limited. I either have ones I like in my button box or it is off to Wal-Mart, which does not have the largest button selection either. Even with the matching thread and button issues, the shirt turned out well and it was fun to wear while at Disney World.


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