Souvenirs from Florida

Once again my husband sighs as I fill my suitcase, not with souvenirs from Disney orimg_0644 Sea World or even Gatorland, but with fabric.

But how could I pass it up?

It seems that I get the best deals on Snoopy fabric in Florida!

Sitting on the shelf in the Wal-Mart in Kissimmee Florida was 5 yards of this Fall Snoopy fabric for just $2.00 a yard.

My Wal-Mart at home had this print a couple of months ago for $4.44 a yard!

And before I had a chance to purchase any, even at full price, it was gone!

So, yes, I purchased every single square inch they had left of it!

Besides that, for me, fabric makes the best souvenir.

Whenever I see it in my stash or make something from it, I remember where I bought it and the good times I had buying it as well as the great memories of the vacation.


2 thoughts on “Souvenirs from Florida

  1. I love this fabric! I’ve always wanted to take up sewing and seeing this fabric makes me want to take it up even more! I love your Peanuts obsessions, it’s so great!!

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