Making It Up


img_0687Summer is coming, or at least I hope it is. For living in a state that has a town named Sun City this sure has been a cold and wet winter for the southland this year. With the hopes of warmer weather on my mind, I was looking at the summer clothes for kids at Sam’s Club when I found these cute rompers they had. I like the full legs of these rompers rather than the leg binding or onesies look of others. I decided that I wanted to make rompers like the ones at Sam’s but have not been able to find a pattern so I bought one of the rompers to take a pattern off of it. I have never really done this before but I figured I could start with the romper pattern I have and modify it from there. 








img_0691I have been giving this project a lot of thought and img_06901study in the hopes of success. It was easy to trace the leg and cut a pattern piece for it, but the crotch part is a little more tricky. It looks like it is just 2 half circles sewn between the legs to hold the snaps, but actually only the front is this way. On the back half the circle part is attached so it is a separate piece of the garment. I believe it is this way so there is actually a crotch to the romper or something to cover the diaper. This part though is making the whole construction a little more difficult. I have traced my pattern, cut out the pieces and started to sew the romper together, but I can already see that I am going to have to give the hem a little more thought. This first romper may not work out exactly like the one I purchased, but I have learned a lot so far on its construction and plan to learn even more as I finish it up. I am very excited that it is turning out as well as it is so far.

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