Three Little Rompers


img_0721Romper #1 is made from my boughten pattern with the bindings around the legs. It turned out very cute, but it is a good thing that I like to sew or this romper, as well as the other two, would not exist. As I cut and ironed tiny pieces of interfacing for the shoulders and the crotch, I started to wonder about the time involved in the making of these things. After sewing, finishing and folding all the bindings, I started to add the time up, and by the time the snaps where done, I was convinced that the love of sewing is the only reason to make more of these.

The romper I bought at Sam’s Club was only $5. I justified the three I made by saying that the ones at Sam’s did not have Disney characters on them, but we stopped at Costco the other day only for me to see rompers with Disney characters on them for sell for $9.99. This made me feel better for a moment until I realized that you got two rompers for the $10.

Why even try?

I could have made 6 sleepers in the time it took to make the 3 rompers and the sleepers can not be bought at Sam’s or Costco. I just have to console myself with a couple of different thoughts though. The Disney characters on my rompers are embroidered and not iron on’s like the retail ones, and maybe if I was more familiar with the construction of the rompers, as I am with the sleepers, they would be as fun and fast to make.

So, maybe I will make some more after all. 

img_0720Romper #2 is made from the pattern I img_0723made from the rompers I purchased. I am happy with the end results for my first try, but I have made several adjustment to my pattern especially at the hem. Next time I need to cut the half circle for the back longer so there is something to turn up for a hem. On this try, I serged along the bottom to finish the edge, but I am not happy with the results. There were too many loose threads. I also learned that sewing on the back half circle is the last step in the construction. All the hemming is done first and then it is sewn on. I may have to make another one of this style of romper just to know that I have the pattern and construction down, even though all my ranting from the front romper #1 still stands. 


img_0719Romper #3 is the combination of a tabimg_0729 front shirt pattern and the romper pattern. I intended for this romper to be worn as a shirt, with pants or shorts, so I did not add binding to the legs, just serged and hemmed. I have made many shirts for my husband with the tab front, but this pattern was different than his. The tab front was made from a single slit instead of cut out piece. I like the pattern with the piece cut out better, so if or when I make this tab shirt style again, I think I will change the pattern and make it like I make my husband’s shirts. It turned out cute anyway, and I really like the Pooh on the blue fabric. 


P.S. Check out the the “web knit” soft iron on stabilzer I mentioned in a previous post on the back of the embroideries above. It works great and it’s very soft!


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