A Stack of Letters

img_0778Appliqued letters is something I have been wanting to try for a long time, and with some tutoring from my husband, I have done it. I started by asking my husband for help since he is the one with the digitizing skills. With his help I created the letters of the  ‘Snoopy’ design. I learned a great deal about digitizing and using my digitizing program.  I am excited to try again soon so I will remember the skills that I have learned. The most important thing about digitizing that I learned was that a little prep work goes a long ways, know the sizes you need before you start. The program I have is very precise and it gives very little room for error. Each step must be done in order and correctly. So with that in mind, I decided to make my design the size of my largest hoop, making each letter 1.75 inches tall and how ever wide that made them. I also decided that a design the size of my large hoop would fit well on a size 1 pant leg, so I made the pants size 1. Next time, I will make the word in two parts so that the letters can be bigger and I can use a larger size pattern. This will give me the chance to learn about aligning designs and something new to look forward to.




I have stitched a couple of appliques before, but as always, I learned a img_0777lot for this design. The white fabric that I chose for the letters easily frays. This caused me some distress in the appliqueing process. When I was cutting out of the letters, the white fabric would fray out from under the stitches into the design area. After stitching the final edge of the letters, there were a couple of spots on the letters that had frayed too much and I had to use a little fray check on the spots. I have had great luck with fray check holding up in the wash, but this will be the first time I have used it on kids clothes and on the exterior of the clothes. We will see how it does. So on the next applique I will pick better fabric for the design. The next thing I learned is that as with most things in life, you can not rush the process. It takes time to do all the cutting, and the last thing I learned is to have a good sharp pair of scissors. 






For the shirt, I decided to also try img_0779something I had not done before and put a hood on it. This worked out really well. I am anxious to see someone wearing the shirt to see how the hood lays and wears. I put the cording in like the pattern called for, but I think next time I will leave it out. I don’t now how the cording will wash and I don’t think the hood will ever be tightened around the face of a small child. The hood is more for the look, but we’ll see what happens on the next one. 


I am excited about this little outfit and the end results. In my opinion, it is VERY CUTE! Of course, the Snoopy biases my opinion, but I am excited to get sewing other characters as well. I want to try one for Mickey, Pooh, Tigger, Buzz, Woody, as well as other designs like lions, monkeys, trucks and basketballs. Not to mention the colors I want to use with each. Yes the creative wheels are turning inside my head now! LET’S GET SEWING!


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