In the Car


I had to spend a lot of time in the car last week. We made a trip to see family and friends and in the process traveled about 1600 miles. Although this was a lot of time in the car, it was a great time for me to crochet.


My trip project was to complete “Monkey”. This is the second crocheted animal from my Amigurumi book that I have finished. He was a lot of fun to make. I started on him several months ago and just worked on him here and there in between blankets, but with all the time in the car I had, I was able to finish him up. There is a lot more to him than just the crocheting. img_0809It took a fair amount of time to sew all the parts together. I ran out of the brown yarn so I had to switch to another color but I think he turned out fine. There are a couple things I would change if I make another monkey though. On the next monkey, I am going to leave out a couple of rows on the head to try to get it more round like a ball. The picture on the pattern shows a more round head than I ended up with. I also think I will make the arms a little shorter. The arms seem so long on this one. I am also going to put a small wire in the arms and especially the tail so they can be shaped. I think this will make the monkey more fun to play with as long as the wires don’t make there way through the yarn. Even as is, my nephew seemed to enjoy playing and laughing with Monkey.

img_0812My next project was to complete the edge on the flannel blanket I started. After determining how I wanted the first row done, folding the edge over and using the brighter, heavier yarn and doing a single crochet instead of just a chain stitch, it took some time to complete the first row because this blanket is larger than the fleece blankets I have done. For the second row, I did a chain three and skipped every other stitch. Upon completing the second row, I tried a third row of scallops, but I did not like the results and so I took them out. I decided to stop with the second row of chains. With the heavier, brighter yarn and the larger drop in the skip stitch cuts, I felt I had enough of an edge with just the two rows. I am pleased with the end results and with all that I have Iearned. I won’t be afraid to try another flannel blanket rather than the fleece I had been working with.




The last item I took on the trip was a piece of fleece that I had picked up to make a blanket for the the a new nephew due in April. Before leaving, I ran the skip stitch blade 1/2 inch from the edge of this blanket. After doing this I wished I had cut at 3/4 inch because I wanted to fold the edge over. Mom and Dad made part of this journey with us and Mom did not have any crocheting to img_0817do so I passed this blanket over to her. On the first row, she tried not to fold the edge, but as she crocheted the blanket folded naturally. Since the stitches did not look too small with the fold and a 1/2 inch cut, she decided not to fight the fold and let the fleece fold over as she crocheted the first row. She did a chain stitch in between each drop stitch on the first row. For the second row, she did a stitch called X’s and O’s. It turned out really cute. To do this pattern, you skip a stitch, single crochet in the next then do two chain stitches, then single crochet the stitch you skipped.  The two chain stitches make the O at the top and crossing back over to the stitch that you skipped makes the X. Mom finished the blanket during our travels, so now I just need to get it mailed off. It’s a good thing he is not due until the end of the month. With all the traveling I am a bit behind.


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