I know a lot of people read this blog because my stats page tells me they do. I am a little hurt that I never get any comments on any of my posts encouraging or otherwise.

So if you like or dislike what I write here please leave a comment or two every now and again so I know I’m not just writing for myself here.


PS: If you have tried to leave a comment before and wordpress wouldn’t let you please try again as it was probably a wordpress problem and has been fixed.

8 thoughts on “Comments?

  1. I read your blog a lot. I was having problems commenting before, so hopefully this works. That little monkey was cute.

  2. I have almost commented a few times, but, I think I have to be signed up with this service. So now I will because I don’t want you to feel bad.

  3. It appears I only had to leave my info in the box above and that was enough. So now, in the future, I leave will leave a comments.

  4. I always thought that I had to have a wordpress acount to comment or I would said something a long time also. I love reading about your sewing and trips and fabric! In case you don’t remember me I am friends with the Rocks! All of them

  5. I love to see all the great stuff you are doing and have tried to leave comments before, but never could figure it out. It’s probably just me, I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.

  6. Hi I came accross this post in my tag surfer and just had to leave a comment. I too have been down this road before, seeing good stats and never getting any comments so please don’t be sad or wonder what is wrong. I have several customer whom I know read my blog but have never left a comment. I think it’s a combination of many things and perhaps it just takes time? If your stats show people are visiting and you enjoy writing then don’t worry about the comments for now and just enjoy it.

  7. Hi,
    As you know I love to check what you’ve been doing. But would rather call or skype ya. I did try a couple of time with no luck, so we’ll try again. love ya

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