I laughed the first time I heard my mom say it. Many years ago, but really not that long ago, I sat next to my mom at her sewing machine and she said, “I just can’t see black anymore.” What an odd thing to say. The black fabric and the black thread was right there in front of her. She was sewing just fine. Well, I am here to tell you that as I hemmed my black pants, I learned that I too can no longer see black. As I serged the side seams, I had a hard time seeing the sewn seam to keep the serging straight. I stopped sewing and laughed as I said to my husband, “I just can’t see black anymore.” 


I bought these pants on a super clearance sale, paying far less than it would cost to make them. Of course, they needed hemmed, but the hemming turned into a little more than a simple seam around each leg. I took the pants with me when we went to see the parents so Mom could help me measure for the new hem. Mom helped me measure the pants but then showed me about measuring the outside seam on another pair of pants so I can hem other pants myself. I find it difficult to stand in front of the mirror, bend over, pin, stand straight, look at the length, bend again, pin again, straighten up again, look again… Measuring the side seams told be how long I wanted my pants for my waist to the hem. Easy. 


In the process of measuring,img_0879 we decided to take some of the fullness out the bottom of the legs as well. Mom then unpicked the side seams and show me how to take out the fullness but keep the side seams straight. If I had been left to my own devices, I would have just sewn the side seams in, but Mom pointed out that the front and back were not equal, and that the fullness needed to just come out the front, thus the unpicking of the side seams. Mom had the seams all unpicked and pinned where to sew when I packed the pants up and brought them home. I finally finished the hem and only had to do it twice. I let the fabric slip on the left leg as I sewed making it longer then the right leg so I had to try the hem again. The pants are now hemmed and ready to wear. I only have about another two weeks to wear them though before the weather here gets too hot for black, but they will be a great pair of work pants for next winter.


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