Check This Site Out


Check out this cool web site my husband found for me here80449ada.

81014adaIt is the Lion Brand Yarn’s web site and they offer many free crochet, knit and yarncraft  patterns. I searched for amigurumi and found lots of fun patterns for many different animals for me to crochet. I read several of their patterns online and even downloaded a few to try.

The patterns seem easy enough to follow. I also checked out the other patterns offered like baby blankets, doggie sweaters and scarfs and there are many great designs for those too. I am very excited to try some of the patterns and have been keeping a close eye on what’s new on the site.

So, I guess Lion Brand’s advertising worked. Because of the free patterns, I have been taking a closer look at Lion Brand Yarn in the store, and I would buy it over other brands as a thanks for the free patterns especially it the colors were right. I have found their yarn at my local Walmart and Joann’s/Michaels Stores.

(Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with the Lion Brand Yarn Company and I make no money by you clicking on the link above. I just thought others like me would enjoy a great new source of FREE crochet and knitting patterns.)


One thought on “Check This Site Out

  1. I love that little giraffe. Have fun with all the new projects. Thanks for the package, Sofie loved the stickers and the outfit is adorable. We’ll skype you sometime.

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