Finishing a UFO


While digging through my stash, I came acrossimg_0911 this yellow shirt all cut out and ready to sew. It has been at this stage for years. A long time ago, I purchased a denim skirt and wanted a yellow shirt to wear with it. I purchased the fabric and cut it out, but the sewing part just never happened. I don’t remember why the shirt was never completed, so when I found it in the closet, I decided to stitch it up. Unfortunately, it was cut out so long ago that my sloper pattern was not at the same stage that it is now, so as I started to sew, I was very unsure what my end result would be.


For the most part, I am happy with the results. The collar gave me some grief, trying to get it to lie flat. I sure like the changes I have made to my pattern since this shirt was cut out. In the day when this shirt was cut out, I was happy with just a plain yellow shirt, but not now with my embroidery machine. I embroidered Mickey Mouse on the shirt because I thought he would would be fun on the yellow, and I need something besides Snoopy in my wardrobe. 

2 thoughts on “Finishing a UFO

  1. so tell us about your embroidery machine. What kind it is and where you got it and how easy or hard it is to use. I am thinking I may need one.

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