Why Fight It?


This shirt and fabric were meant to have the Red Baron embroidered on it, but I sure fought that fact.


I have another piece of blue with clouds in my stash that is meant to have the Red Baron on it too, and I don’t want two shirts that are so similar with the same design on them. When we went to visit my parents though, I grabbed the first piece of fabric I found in the stash that was washed and ready to use. I wanted to cut out a shirt while I had Mom handy to help me adjust IMG_0918the sleeves on my pattern. With that, this shirt came to be.


I have spent quite a bit to time pondering and studying this shirt, trying to come up with something else to embroidery on it. All the designs I looked at were just not quite right.


I finally gave up the other day and just stitched the Red Baron on the shirt.


When I told my husband I was giving in and stitching the Red Baron, after showing him many designs that would work on the shirt, he said. “Good, it’s about time you picked that design.” So it looks like both of us knew all the way along that it was meant to be, and as you can see from the picture, Snoopy as the Red Baron looks great on the shirt.


I console myself about the other piece of fabric in my stash by telling myself that this shirt will be worn out by the time I get that shirt made. By knowing that, I will not have two similar shirts, and who knows about the other piece, it may become something for the nieces and nephews. We will just have to see.


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