No More Pointy Heads

I think I have figured out why my amigurumi creatures always had such pointy heads and how to fix it. I am crocheting them inside out. I will try to explain what I was doing wrong and what I am doing to fix the problem.

IMG_1004I’ve started on my 3rd animal, an elephant. I started with the body and finished with a pointy butt. Next, I started making the head and the pointy head appeared right away. Frustrated, I started to study the pictures in the book and play with the pieces I had crocheted. I found that if I turned the body and the part of the head that I had started inside out, the point was greatly decreased, but then the pieces had ridges. Thinking that turning the pieces inside out was the answer, I started on the legs. This is where I learned the errors of my ways. On row 4 of the elephants feet, the pattern said to stitch in the back loop only to make a ridge around the bottom of his feet. What? I stitch in the back loop exclusively.  Then the bells started to ring. I was suppose to be inserting my hook into both loops. This explained the ridges and the added length in the pieces, why such long face on my animals and the long arms on the monkey. Then more bells started to ring. Previously, when I started the circle I let it fold so that I was crocheting inside the forming cup, inserting my hook inside the cup outward. It finally dawned on me to do the opposite, working the circle so it folds the other way and so now I am inserting my hook from outside the cup inward. Excited with everything I had figured out, I pushed the elephant to the side and started on another animal.

IMG_1012Wanting to see if my theories IMG_1010were correct, I picked a tiny amigurumi to do next. Meet the tiniest bear ever (not really). Crocheting opposite of how I previously had, I did not get a pointed head or ridges. Plus my rows of stitches look more like the pictures in the book. I am pleased with the end results and I think I have solved the pointy problem, plus this was the first time I have crocheted with such a small hook. Although the hook was only one size smaller, it was interesting to work the smaller stitches. I only put a felt face on the little bear because I was not sure how he was going to turn out. All in all though I think he is cute as is.

IMG_1006Looking back at my table covered in elephant parts, I decided to go ahead and finish the elephant. So, I would also like you to meet Ridgie, the elephant. He is a combination of my old and new methods of crocheting amigurumi. As you can see, he has some ridges on his head and body from being turned inside out. I left a couple of rows out of the head to help decrease the length of the face due to the incorrect back loop stitching. In the learning process, I had stitched a couple of the legs, stitching in the front loop on the 4th row to get the ridge, and thinking I would turn them inside out. As mentioned earlier, turning the parts inside out was not the right answer. Since I already had the two legs done, I decided to just do the other two legs the same way so they all matched. Also, I did not spend a lot of time on his face not knowing how he would turn out. All in all though, I think he turned out pretty cute too. I did not crochet his tail. With him being such an odd ball, I gave him a little braided tail instead.

Now, I just need to find homes for a misfit elephant and a tiny bear.

2 thoughts on “No More Pointy Heads

  1. If Ethan ever showed the slightest interest in stuffed animals, I’d totally call dibs on the elephant–I think he’s totally cute! Maybe Alex would like him.

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