Pattern Making

I am glad I don’t make a living by creating sewing patterns. I think I would be awfully hungry if I did. I tried to increase a pattern by a size or so and learned it is easier said than done.

IMG_1022My nephew just out grew the last sleeper I made him. Although the sleeper was the 0-3 month size, I have learned that they fit after 6 months and last into the first year. This particular sleeper was made of very stretchy fabric so he even got even a few more months of wear than I expected. So I thought I will just make him the next size up 3-6 months, and add 1 inch around and 2 inches in length to give him some grow room. Wow! That turned into a real job, with questionable results. Adding 2 inches in length sounded easy until I started cutting it out. I did not want to just add to the length in the legs or just  to the body, so I added 1 inch to each, but this meant adjusting the zipper crotch piece. Plus, I did not just want to add to the length at the cuff of the sleeve, so I added 1 inch in the arm’s eye and 1 inch in the length too. This meant I had to cut the arm’s eye different. This was getting a bit complicated. I added the extra inch to the sides of the sleeper, but I didn’t remember to add extra to the neck. Upon completing the sleeper, I am afraid the neck is too small now. He will have to wear the sleeper with the zipper down a little to compensate for the small neck. I also did not add any to the feet so hopefully they are not to small. One thing I think I did right was not adding the elastic to the back. This way I did not define a waist so hopefully that will add more grow room. Following the suggestion of my sister, I cut the sleeper out so the stretch of the fabric is with the length, not around the body. Hopefully, this will add some extra room for growth too. It seems odd to me as I sewed not to have the stretch around the arms and it was a little difficult sewing around the feet without the stretch to work with you. It also gave the sleeper racing stripesIMG_1019 according to my husband. He thought the only thing I should embroider on the sleeper was a race car, but I opted for the tiger. I like it better and I think the nephew will too. Maybe the next one with racing stripes I’ll put Speed Racer on there!

Now that the sleeper is done, I am happy I tried this little exercise, but I will not be doing it again anytime soon. I have patterns in the size I needed so why I was fussing with this? I will never know. I guess it was a good learning experience in case some day I do not have a pattern to follow. So, a special word to his parents, let me know how this fits and how I did.

As long as I was sewing I could not leave out his new little brother, so I made him a sleeper too. It was supposed to be made out of the same fabric, but in the process of increasing  the size of his brothers, I made some cuts wrong, so I did not have enough fabric left for the little brother’s. Oh well, I am sure they do not care it they match exactly, and I am sure in a couple of years they will dread it when their aunt sends them matching clothes anyway.


3 thoughts on “Pattern Making

  1. Ethan looks so cute in the sleeper. Did you see their video? You did more work than I did in making the pattern bigger, but it looks great.

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