Cursed Pants


I need new work pants, but I am afraid to wear the pair I have made.


Here is the story:


I bought the fabric at Joann’s one day when I was getting some interfacing. The fabric was on sale, but not a great sale so it was more than I would normally pay for this type of fabric especially since I have a closet full of fabric already. I went ahead and spent the money because I really liked the fabric.

It did notIMG_1248 stay in the stash for long before I had it washed and ready to cut out. I got out my pants pattern, which is a very simple pattern, and started to cut. I don’t know what I did wrong in the cutting process, but I measured or cut something incorrectly. One of the back legs was missing about six inches at the bottom of the leg. So, I had to decide at that time if I wanted a seam across the back of the leg or to scrap the pants. Because I had real money and time invested already, I decided on the seam.


Next, I started to sew everything together. I measured the elastic for the waist and serged it on. I broke two needles in this serging process. Finally with the serging done, I discovered that the elastic was way too big, so I had to unpick all my sewing and serging and do it all over again. It is not that I mind unpicking, but that it is so time consuming. I could have sewn together a whole new pair of pants in the time it took to unpick the serging. I thought about just cutting it off, but I did not want to lose any of the height in the pants at the waist. With the unpicking done and the elastic shortened, I serged the elastic on again and only broken one needle this time. The elastic is much tighter this time, but I think I would like it just a little  tighter, but at the moment, I am unwilling to unpick it all again. Next I hemmed the pants. My mom helped me make my pattern so I know that it is the right length for me, but when I was done and tried them on, the legs were about 2 inches too long. What? That is probably where my cutting error occurred.  So, more unpicking. Why am I not trying these pants on as I go? I know better than this. Now, with paying too much for the fabric, a seam at the back leg, broken needles, and so much unpicking, I am afraid to wear the pants. I can just see it now, I will be at work and the seams will start popping. My only explanation for all this trouble is that the fabric did not spend enough time in the stash and the other pieces in the stash put a curse on it.



My main reason for not giving up the on the IMG_1174pants is the pockets. I added an extra piece of fabric to the pockets and wanted to see how it turned out. Let me explain. I like to wear my cargo pants to work. That way I have a pocket for keys and money, one for vitamins I forgot to take as I run out the door and one for my phone, as well as extras for this and that. I don’t like to carry the vitamins with the money, or my phone with my keys, and so on. So, when making these pants, I added a dividing piece of fabric at the bottom of the pockets. When I stick something in the pocket, I can put it in front of the divider or in the back, making two pockets in one. This way I can put the vitamins and money in one pocket without them mixing. Plus both sides of the pocket are a good size, not one a tiny coin pocket. When trying the pants on, the pockets seem like they are going to be great and work out really well. It is just the rest of the pants I am worried about. I will let you know how the pockets do and how the pants wear. When I bought the fabric, this pair of pants was supposed to be my favorite pair, but I am not sure about that now.

Speaking of unpicking, I am crocheting around another blanket and truly dislike the results I am getting, so I am going to unravel the whole thing and start again. At least unraveling crocheting it not as time consuming as unpicking serging, but more about the blanket later.


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